Miriam Wickertsheim
General Manager
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As a German company, we are lucky to have Direct HR as our vendor. Their consultants are very professional. The suitable candidates are supplied quickly. With their help, we shortened the recruitment period. Hope the future cooperation remain effective and close.
Direct HR quickly recommended candidates that met our requirements. 90% of candidates introduced by Direct HR qualified for the second round interview with our company line manager. We are very satisfied with their service.
Aspect needed to hire 8 people in Dalian, China within 30 days. The team at Direct HR went out of their way to understand the company's needs and map them to the candidates they presented. Direct HR delivered many qualified candidates. I view them as a trusted partner that I would be happy to use again.
Recruiting an English speaker with a specific academic background, experience, and most importantly, good interaction with other employees (Chinese and non-Chinese) took longer than we expected until we contacted Direct HR. Several CV's were received in a short period of time, all of them with the right profile.
Direct HR has repeatedly responded very well to LINDBERG's requirements in terms of quality and quantity of personnel. Some of the assignments I have given Direct HR have been challenging in respect of the calibre of person and skills required within tight deadlines and Direct HR has handled these demands competently and professionally.
As a General Manager Asia, I need a recruitment agency that I can trust and is honest with me; knowing that my time is going to be used effectively only intervieweing candidates that meet the job requirements and are likely to ""fit"" with the business.
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